Proteinase K(PRK)


Proteinase K

Proteinase K from the fungus Tritirachium album is a nonspecific serine protease that is useful for general digestion of proteins. Removal of endogenous nucleases during the preparation of DNA and RNA; preparation of tissue sections for in situ hybridization.


The virus consists of a protein shell and an internal nucleic acid. To amplify the nucleic acid by PCR, the shell protein must be destroyed first. The role of protease K is to break down the protein shell of the virus, releasing nucleic acid for easy detection.

1. Gene diagnosis kit;

2. RNA and DNA Extraction Kit;

3. Extract non protein components from tissues and degrade protein impurities. For example, the preparation of DNA vaccine;

4. Preparation of chromosome DNA by pulse electrophoresis;

5. Western blotting;

6. R&D and mass production of enzyme based glycated albumin reagents for in vitro diagnosis.