Chemiluminescence substrate APS-5 working fluid


Name: HHCS-4

Cat. No.: HH3604

Appearance: light yellow powder

Package: brown glass bottle

Storage: -20℃, keep out of the sun

Usage Condition: 22-35

Stability: 2-8℃,1yrs

Recommendation: 100-200μL each test

Product Usage:

HHCS-4 enhanced luminous intensity based on version 4.1, with high sensitivity, stability . It can be used in immunoassay with Alkaline Phosphatase as marker.


HHCS-4 is a kind of water based mixed solution, which emits a biochemical reaction in the presence of Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) and emits photons rapidly. Within a particular ALP density, the number of photons released is proportional to ALP density in solution, which is suitable for the chemiluminescence immunoassay reagent system with ALP as marker enzyme.