Microalbuminuria (MALB)

[Product Name

Microalbumin (mALB) Assay Kit by

Immunoturbidimetry Method

Packing Specification

R1 60ml×3   R2 36ml×1

R1 50ml×1   R2 10ml×1

R1 50ml×2   R2 10ml×2

R1 50ml×4   R2 40ml×1

R1 100ml×1  R2 20ml×1

Intended Use

This product is used for the determination of microalbumin in human urine.  

[Clinical Significance

Microalbumin in urine refers to the presence of trace amounts of albumin in urine. Urinary microalbumin can reflect the abnormal leakage protein of kidney. Any pathological change that can cause the increase of glomerular basement membrane permeability can lead to the excretion of albumin. Detection of microalbumin in urine of diabetic patients can help them to diagnose renal tissue damage. If early detection and intervention treatment can be carried out, early recovery of renal tissue damage is possible.

[Test Theory          

The urinary microalbumin in human urine and its corresponding antibody (Goat anti-human urinary microalbumin antibody) meet in the liquid phase, forming an antigen antibody complex, and forming a certain proportion of turbidity in the linear range. Compared with the calibrator treated by the same method, the microalbumin content in urine can be calculated.

[Main Components

R1: Test reagent 1

Tris buffer                          100mmol/L

PEG                                     20g/L

Fatliquoring agent            


R2:Test reagent 2

Tris buffer                          100mmol/L

Goat anti-human mALB antibody         23ml/L               



[Storage conditions and period of validity

This product can be stored in a sealed and dark place at 2℃~8℃ for 12 months.

After opening the bottle, it should be stable for 30 days in the dark at 2℃~8℃.

[Applicable Instrument

It is suitable for automatic biochemical analyzer or semi-automatic biochemical analyzer with wave length of 340nm and 700nm.