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α-Amylase (AMY)



α-Amylase Kit (IFCC Method)


α-AMY reagent is intended for quantitative determination of α-Amylase (1, 4-α-D-glucanohydrolases) activity in serum, plasma or urine on photometric systems.α-Amylases originate from various organs and are mainly produced by the pancreas (P-type) and the salivary glands (S-type). α-Amylases catalyze the hydrolytic degradation of polymeric carbohydrates, such as amylose, amylopectin and glycogen by cleaving 1, 4-α-glucosidic bonds into various fragments. The pancreatic amylase is produced by the pancreas and released into the intestinal tract; the salivary amylase is synthesized in the salivary glands and secreted into saliva. Measurement of -amylase in serum and urine is mainly used for the diagnosis of pancreatic disorders, as well as for detecting the development of complications.


In the assay reaction, the substrate 4, 6- ethylidene-(G7)-1, 4-nitrophenyl-(G1) –α, D-maltoheptaoside (EPS-G7) is cleaved by α-amylases and subsequent hydrolysis of all the degradation products to p-nitrophenol with the aid of α-glucosidase (100% chromophore liberation). The increase in absorbance of the p-nitrophenol formed at 405 nm is directly proportional to the activity of α-amylases.