Carbondioxide (CO2)



Carbon Dioxide (CO2) kit Enzymatic Method


In vitro test for the quantitative determination of CO2 concentration in serum and heparin plasma on photometric systems.Measurement of CO2 is used in the diagnosis of the acid-base-balance in the blood. Increased and decreased values indicate disorders associated with disturbances of the metabolic and respiratory systems. Increase of CO2 may indicate respiratory dysfunction, hyperaldosteronism, or Cushings syndrome. decrease of CO2 may indicate ketoacidosis, lactic acidosis, kidney disease, diarrhoea, methanol poisoning, salicylate toxicity, ethylene glycol poisoning, or Addisons disease.


The resultant consumption of NADH analog causes a decrease in absorbance at 405 nm, which is proportional to the concentration of CO2 in the sample being assayed.