Glycated albumin (GA)



Glycated albumin (GA) assay kit (Peroxidase method)


Used for quantitative determination of glycated albumin (GA) and albumin (ALB) in human serum,the ratio of glycated albumin (%) is used glycated albumin concentration divided by the albumin concentration.Glycated albumin is a non-enzymatic reaction between glucose and albumin in the blood, because the half-time of albumin in ivio is short (about 17-19 days), so GA serves as a 2-3 week indicator of average blood glucose. Therefore,it has significant clinical application value When blood sugar needs to be evaluated for short-term control.


1.Determination of glycated albumin

In the sample (serum), specific proteases are added to decompose Glycated albumin to form glycosylated amino acids. Then glycosylated amino acids are converted into glucoaldosterone, amino acids and hydrogen peroxide by specific glycosylated amino acid oxidase. Under the action of peroxidase, hydrogen peroxide reacts with 4-amino-aminoantipyrine and TOOS to form red quinquinimine. The concentration of glycated albumin in the sample was obtained by measuring its absorbance.

2.Calculation of glycated albumin value (%)

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