Triglyceride (TG)



Triglycerides Kit (GPO-POD Method)


In vitro test for the quantitative determination of TG concentration in serum and plasma on photometric systems.

Triglycerides are the most abundant naturally lipids. It consists of three fatty acids and one glycerol, and is transported in plasma combing with apolipoproteins. Measurement of triglycerides is used for detecting early atherosclerotic risks, classing hyperlipo- proteinemia and monitoring the clinical effect of drugs or low-fat diet. High triglyceride levels often lead to liver or kidneys disease, diabetes and pancreas disease.


Through a sequence of enzymatic catalysis steps by lipase, GK and GPD, triglycerides is catalyzed to yield H2O2, which oxidize 4- Aminoantipyrinel to yield a colored dye of quinoneimine. The absorbency increase is directly proportional to the concentration of triglycerides.