Uric Acid (UA)



Uric Acid Kit (Uricase-Peroxidase Method)


In vitro test for the quantitative determination of UA concentration in serum, plasma or urine on photometric systems.Uric acid is synthesized in liver and excreted via kidney, and it is the final products of the purine metabolism. The most common complication of hyperuricemia is the formation of urate crystals, which is called tophus, around the joints. Further causes of elevated blood concentrations of uric acid are renal function disease, starvation, drug abuse, toxicosis, malignant tumour, and increased alcohol and incretion disorders. Reasons of Hypouricemia are hereditary metabolic disorders, renal diseases, severe hepatic diseases and drug effects.


By using ascorbic oxidase to eliminate the interference of ascorbic acid, the uric acid is catalyzed to produce H2O2, which oxidize the 4-AAP to yield a colored dye of quinoneimine. The absorbency decrease is directly proportional to the concentration of uric acid.