M-MLV (H-) Reverse Transcriptase

Key Advantages:

• The RNase H activity was eliminated by mutagenesis to obtain cDNA with longer fragments.

• Stable and reliable reverse transcription for RNA templates with amount > 100 ng.

• The length of RT-PCR products is no longer than 5 kb.

• Suitable for 5’-RACE and cDNA library construction.

Product Description:

The wildtype Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (M-MLV) reverse transcriptase has the following activities: RNA-dependent DNA polymerase, DNA-dependent DNA polymerase, and RNase H. The M-MLV (H-) Reverse Transcriptase is a single-site mutant of M-MLV which contains no RNase H activity. Compared with M-MLV mutants obtained via deletion of the RNase H domain, this product, which retains a complete protein structure and polymerase activities, can be used for the synthesis of longer cDNA or the preparation of cDNA library.

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Amount: 10,000 U

Brand: Vazyme Biotech.

R 021 M MLV H
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