DL2000 Plus DNA Marker

This product is composed of double-stranded DNA fragments with specific molecular weight, and has been mixed with the upper sample buffer containing blue dye, which is applicable to agarose gel electrophoresis as the standard of DNA molecular weight. All fragments of DNA Marker/Ladder are obtained by plasmid after enzymatic cutting and purification. The bands of Marker/Ladder in electrophoresis are more clear and dense. The quality between the strips is more accurate and real. The DNA concentrations of 750 bp fragment in DL2000 Plus DNA Marker, of 1,000 bp fragment in DL5000 DNA Marker, of 500 bp fragment in 100 bp DNA Ladder and of 5 KB fragment in 1 KB DNA Ladder are all 100 ng/5μl, while that of the other fragments ( in DL2000, DL5000, 100 bp , 1 KB) are all 50 ng/5μl.

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Brand: Vazyme Biotech.

MD 101 105
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