AceTaq DNA Polymerase

AceTaq DNA Polymerase is a chemically modified Taq DNA Polymerase that is completely blocked at room temperature and is released only after heating at 95°C. Non-specific amplification and primer dimerization can be prevented during sample preparation and reaction ramps. Compared with the antibody-based hot-start Taq, the polymerase activity of AceTaq is blocked more stringently and completely. It takes only 5 min to activate AceTaq. AceTaq is compatible with most existing PCR protocols. Combined with an optimized buffer system, AceTaq minimizes non-specific
amplification and primer dimers, ensuring extremely high sensitivity and specificity, which makie it ideal for amplifying low-copy genes from complex templates. The 3'-end of the PCR products contain A, which can be directly cloned to a T-vector and is suitable for ClonExpress and Topo Cloning
Kits (#C112 / #C113 / #C115 / #C601).

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