Champagne Taq Antibody

Champagne Taq antibody is a monoclonal antibody against Taq DNA polymerase, and it can bind to Taq DNA polymerase to inhibit its DNA polymerase activity. Champagne Taq antibody has a very high affinity to Taq enzyme and can block the activity of Taq DNA polymerase at 65℃, thus Champagne Taq antibody can effectively inhibit the production of primer polymers and nonspecific amplifications. Champagne Taq antibody can be completely inactivated by heating at 95℃ for 30s, and then release the Taq DNA polymerase activity. Therefore, Champagne Taq antibody is applicable to various hot-start PCR and qPCR reactions.

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Amount: 500 U

Brand: Vazyme Biotech.