2× Taq Plus Master Mix

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Taq Plus DNA polymerase is a mixture of Taq DNA polymerase and an enzyme containing 3’→5’ exonuclease activity. Its fidelity is 6 times greater than that of Taq DNA Polymerase. Compared with Taq DNA Polymerase, Taq Plus DNA polymerase has stronger amplification performance, higher sensitivity, and is more tolerant of impurities within 5 kb amplifying range.
2× Taq Plus Master Mix contains Taq Plus DNA Polymerase, dNTP, and an optimized buffer system. The amplification can start only with the addition of primer and template, thereby easing PCR setup and improving reproducibility. It can amplify up to 10 kb from human genomic DNA or up to 15 kb from λ DNA. Protective agents in the 2× Taq Plus Master Mix enable the resistance to repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
2× Taq Plus Master Mix also provides another edition with dyes which enable direct loading PCR products onto agarose gels. The obtained PCR products are compatible with ClonExpress II One Step Cloning Kit series (Vazyme, #C112, #C113). The PCR products contain A at the 3’-end and can be directly cloned into T-Vectors.

Brand: Vazyme Biotech.

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