VAHTS HiFi Amplification Mix

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VAHTS TM HiFi Amplification Mix is a new High-fidelity PCR amplification master mix, which is applicable to high-throughput sequencing library PCR amplification. The master mix is based on VAHTS TM HiFi DNA Polymerase, which is the new generation of DNA polymerase with high yield and fidelity engineered from Pfu DNA Polymerase. The sensitivity of this enzyme has been greatly improved, with extremely high amplification efficiency and extensive adaptability of the template. It greatly improves the amplification output and the platform period.
At the same time, the amplification mismatch rate is 1/52 of Taq DNA Polymerase and 1/6 of Pfu DNA Polymerase, ensuring the authentic-ity of library amplification. VAHTS TM HiFi Amplification Mix, with an optimized buffer system, enables low preference of high-throughput sequencing library, wide template input range, high yield, and high stability amplification. This product contains all the components required for PCR amplification, and contains library amplification primers for Illumina sequencing platforms.
It can be used easily by only adding a library template. It contains special protective regents, which enables long-term storage and can maintain a stable activity after repeated freezing and thawing. The amplified product is blunt and can be used directly for blunt-end cloning.

Brand: Vazyme Biotech.