Single Cell Full Length mRNA-Amplication Kit

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Single Cell Full Length mRNA-Amplification Kit is designed for whole transcriptome amplification of total RNA or mRNA from single cells. Single Cell Full Length mRNA- Amplification Kit can achieve enough amount of full-length cDNA for sequence analysis through synthesis and amplification from 1-500 of cells or 10 pg-10 ng of total RNA as template, which makes it ideal for sample preparation from single cells or trace RNA samples.
Single Cell Full Length mRNA-Amplification Kit takes Oligo(dT) VN as reverse transcription primer to perform cDNA synthesis, and takes advantage of a template-switching activity of reverse transcriptase to ligate an adapter to the 3′-end of reverse transcribed full length cDNA. This adapter sequence can be used to amplify the full-length cDNA, effectively avoiding the 3’ bias and rRNA contamination.The obtained full-length cDNA amplification products can be used for gene expression analysis, alternative splicing detection, and gene fusion detection.
Single Cell Full Length mRNA-Amplification Kit is compatible for sample volumes within 2.5 μl. In general, one reaction can produce 2 ng-20 ng of cDNA amplification products.

Brand: Vazyme Biotech.