miRNA Universal SYBR® qPCR Master Mix

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This product is a dedicated master mix for miRNA quantification using the SYBR ® Green I method. Since the miRNA sequence is short and the miRNA sequences of the same family are often highly similar, the specificity is extremely required in quantification. This product is based on chemical hot start AceTaq ® DNA Polymerase with optimized Buffer to greatly reduce non-specific amplification. At the same time, the special ROX Reference Dye makes the premixed solution suitable for all qPCR instruments. It is not necessary to adjust the ROX concentration on different instruments. It is only necessary to add primers and templates to prepare the reaction system for amplification.
It is recommended to be used in conjunction with our miRNA 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (by stem-loop) (Vazyme #MR101).

Brand:Vazyme Biotech