5min™ TA/Blunt-Zero Cloning Kit

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5min TM TA/Blunt-Zero Cloning Kit is a second generation TOPO cloning kit that contains a second generation Topoisomerase, a vector containing the suicide gene ccdB and a blunt end factor. Combining with the optimal buffer, the second generation of Topoisomerase provides a highly efficient, 5 minute, one-step cloning strategy at room temperature. This product using a vector containing the suicide gene ccdB, when the insert is successfully ligated to the vector, the correct expression of ccdB is destroyed, and the host cell can grow normally, otherwise the host cell cannot grow normally, thereby achieving “zero” background. Containing a blunt end factor, 5min TM TA/Blunt-Zero Cloning Kit is compatible with both TA clones and blunt clones.

Brand: Vazyme Biotech