FFP2 mask


The protective face mask can be used for respiratory protection of some non oil particles, such as non oil aerosol or steam, dust, sand, pollen and various kinds of productive dust, which has certain filtering effect on fine particles in environmental air. This mask can also serve as protection against virus such as COVID-19.

Material & structure:

It is mainly composed of a mask body (including nose clip) and strap.

The mask body has a threee-layer structure, the inner and outer layers of the mask are non-woven fabrics,the second and third filter layers are melt-blown fabrics,

the nose clip is made of galvanized iron wire and PE, the elastic strap is made of spandex and polyester. 

Product features:

  • The 3D shape is designed to  fit  the face shape to the greatest extent.
  • It has environmental friendly soft inner material that has properties of skin-friendly fabric and non-allergatic, moisture absorption and perspiration.
  • The design of Nose clip becomes tighter for reducing leakage and improve the protection function.
  • Elastic cotton ear band is stretch and comfortable to wear, suitable for difference head shapes.
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