USP Class VI grade polystyrene material


Nest BioFactory™ Systems are compact, multi-layer, single-use cell culture systems designed for easy scale-up cell culture applications, such as production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies or pharmaceuticals. Versatile, easy-to-use systems for small scale research or commercial production with reduced contamination risk. Narrow mouth caps available for tubing solutions. 

Product features:

·  Temperature Range:  Approx.-86 to+64℃
·  Sterilized by E-Beam SAL=10-6
·  Nonpyrogenic
·  Double-layer sterile bag
·  TC treated , good for cell attachment and growth
·  Clear lot number for batch traceability
·  Ultrasonic welding without extrinsic ingredients. Excellent welding line design can avoid producing particles during welding. And make the bifactoy stronger.
·  Vent caps with 0.22um hydrophobic filters for gas exchange without contamination.
·  Wide mouth is applicable to pour culture medium directly. Narrow mouth is applicable to operate with the aseptic pipeline.
·  Growth kinetics are the same as cells grow in the cell culture flasks. Applicable to large-scalely culture adherent cells.
·  Large growing area. Just a single operate, you can cultivate a large number of cells and reduce contamination risk.
·  Applicable to automatic machine. Standardize operations to reduce batch differences.


Please be gently when use the biofactory to avoid air bubbles. Air bubbles will lead the culture medium flow from the upper layer to the lower layer.